Saturday, February 06, 2016

The one good thing

So, we're facing a lot of harassment. What and why, is not something I feel like talking about or reacting to. Suffice to say, when it rains it pours and people are "never" what they seem to be. The one good thing about anything bad- you learn a lot of life lessons. My lessons thanks to all the shit that has hit the fan:

1. Popular opinion can always be swayed only through emotion. People don't want to be rational. They want to be seen as empathetic
2. There are always people who are jealous or upset with you for things you take for granted and they pretend to be friends because they want one of the following:
a. Figure out how you have what you have
b. Show everyone they are popular by interacting with you
c. Wait for an opportunity to discredit
3. It's OK to live life the way you want, but it's not OK to tell it loud. Then, you're seen as a rebel who has to be quashed and controlled. Especially if you're a woman, the big ***** can't stand it
4. Sometimes, as eloquent as you might be, it's better to be silent. Not because you're wrong but because anything you say can and will be twisted.
5. Always understand what makes someone tick and pray that you can find out without something going wrong as to who your friends are and who you cannot even have a passing relationship with

Good thing with all this, I lost the one kg that's been eluding me and I weigh as much as I did in school. :)


The Visitor said...

Here is a story for children that I read and enjoyed very much - Tania Casts a Spell.
PS: I don't know how it is relevant here, or even why I'm sharing it here.
PPS: Doesn't matter, but tell me if you liked it. It's just a 10 minute read.

You lost 1 kg due to all this? That ain't a good thing. It's OK to lose weght, but not outof stress. Take care.

Harini Padmanabhan said...

It is actually a nice story. I was thinking about ill luck a lot - this confirmation bias thing has reiterated what my mom has been trying to tell me. :) But seriously, losing 1kg was not that bad as I have been waiting to lose it for quite sometime.