Thursday, March 10, 2016

A thing of beauty

Water is a very beautiful thing to behold. I love the waves. Even when the smell of the sea that makes me feel sick hits me. I just get used to it and stand watching the waves. 

I love the waves. Given a choice, I would live by the sea shore and just keep watching them all day. The heat doesn't bother me when I get to feel the waves. 

The waves destroy my sand castles, but I still love them. 

They can destroy me completely if they choose to, but that does not help diminish my awe of them. 

Sometimes I wonder, is a thing of beauty,to be always relished or should you fear it? Can you actually relish something while fearing it?

Am I the person who will shy away from something just because it is scary? Or Am I the person that will embrace the scary as I want to live my life? Or will I acknowledge the scary, and still embrace life as savoring a few things is worth all the risk? (This is why I dont look at pictures. I start writing. :) )

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