Thursday, March 10, 2016

Arundathi - the form and the conflicting idea

In South Indian marriages, you are asked to look for the star Arundathi once you tie the knot. Arundathi, I was told was the chaste wife of Vashishta who was very loyal and they expected the women who marry and find her in the sky to be as loyal and chaste as her.

Given my favorite concept of form and idea - that a lot of ideas are given a form so that people can easily follow them and over a period of time, the idea is lost but the form remains, irrelevant, still largely followed. 

Arundathi is the morning star. She forms a double star (Alcor and Mizar). Now, while they are visible to the naked eye, what is interesting about this pair of stars is that, they move together, but independent of each other. Any relationship - not just marriage, should be between individuals, who move together and who are equals. Often the heartache and the problem is because the movement is too fast, too slow, in another plane all together or because of inequality. 

I hope and pray that someday, we remember the idea and not the form. 

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