Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Constant evolution

I've this theory that evolution doesn't stop ever for an individual. You keep evolving with time and you reinvent who you are. Sometimes your basic qualities don't change and sometimes, things happen that make you question what was basic in the first place.
Do you truly have the luxury to question basic assumptions about yourself? Or are you so busy trying to hold the image you've created together? If you can get to know the real you, your fundamental building blocks become very obvious and you get a chance to actually go ahead and do something about who you could be.
If the masks are all peeled, what's left no matter how miniscule is the reality you have available to build on. Whether you build on top of the naked face, or hide under the masks, is your decision to make.


The Visitor said...

Hmmm. "Who / what are you?" Profound. Frightening question - I'd rather not think about it, if I want to keep my sanity.

Do we need to think on such lines? Is it important to know who/what I am? Is it even possible to know? Why can't one live life without knowing? Is such a life less fruitful / eventful, than one lived with (presumed) knowledge?

PS: Am I making sense?

Harini Padmanabhan said...

You are making sense. I think it is not possible to know in entirety, but I need to at least make an attempt before I give up. If my sanity is threatened, maybe that is over rated in the first place. :D