Saturday, March 19, 2016

God in small things

After what seemed like ages (close to two months),I went to a book shop today. Book worm in Church Street is one of my favorite places (they are shifting there. They were in brigade road earlier). Every time I go there, I discover something new.

This time around, I picked up a book by Ruskin Bond. I was enthralled by his description of life in harmony with nature and by the zillion things he observed. There was a story of a squirrel and a white rat in the book. The two end up having babies together. :)

The fact that the author noticed something so tiny, was what struck me. There is God present in even the smallest of things and often we don't notice his presence, because like the Python in the story, we're so obsessed with ourselves, our likes and dislikes.

Words live across decades. Can I in some way, create a world for people that will remind them of God in the smallest of things? Can I finally express myself without fear?

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