Thursday, March 10, 2016

Heaven or Damnation?

In the flames that flicker
In the words that soothe
In the music that heals
In the wind that blows
I feel you..

I know not why,
I know not how, 
But I do know that now
more than ever
I feel alive

The night is darkest before dawn,
There is calm before a storm
There candle brightest before death..
Is this surge of life such?
Am i watching my doom?
Or is it a new destiny?

Too many questions, 
too many patterns
The line between reality and fantasy blurs..
And I cant help but wonder - 
Do you sense them too?
Do you know and accept 
what I am not yet able to?

Am I walking down
the stairway to hell?
Or are these the steps to my Heaven?
Could they be the same?

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