Monday, March 28, 2016

Of Gore fest induced philosophy

I'm reading these series of urban fantasy books that's giving me nightmares. I know it's not light reading and that normally when you get a nightmare after reading something you stop. I can't because I'm trying to get over having them in the first place. I'm sick of waking up to bad dreams. It affects my sleep and my productivity.

Anyway, this series by my almost favorite author  J.A.Cipriano(hopefully I got the spelling right. Too sleepy to Google and he's almost because Pratchett and Christie's ghosts might haunt me if I call anyone else favorite. ) has werewolves, ghosts and vampires masquerading in broad daylight in a bar that normal mortals also frequent.

The humans are never able to see the other world beings because of some glamour. Also because they don't want to. Often, I find this to be true in real life as well. You cannot really see what is in front of you for a lot of reasons. I'm listing a few here
1) You don't want it. You cannot recognize something you don't want even if it is something you need.
2) You think it's too good to be true. Haven't you ever had an opportunity you've passed because you thought it was too good to be true? Even though it was ideal for the situation?
3) You don't want to believe that something like this can happen. When things go wrong, you cling to your version of truth, because that either soothes your ego or helps you cope with a loss without accepting reality.
4) You are blinded. Mostly by biases of what ought to and what ought not to exist. If something is outside your acceptance level, then even if you see it, want it and accept it's possibility, you still won't act.
5) It's way beyond your imagination. This is different from point three, because there you have imagined it, but here, you really haven't. And unlike point one, this might not be something you need, but something you want

Hmmmm.  I'm probably half out of my fear of the nightmares if, at 12, I'm able to write philosophy after reading a scene about the heroine massacring a werewolf and a vampire in a very gory fashion in a bar. (Of course the series has a heroine. How else can someone even come close to Pratchett??)


The Visitor said...

Interesting observations -
Many a time we do not see things (problems & situations) that we don't want to (typically 1, 3 & 4) - typically like the elephant in the room.
PS: I've not read Pratchett, nor, Capriano, yet.

Harini Padmanabhan said...

Sometimes, I try to make people see the truth, but usually, it does not really make a difference. You should read Pratchett. He is hilarious. He is partly the reason I am sane (though it is definitely a point of view when you get down to it. :)) Cipriano is a little gory.