Monday, March 28, 2016

Of mallis and memories

When I was a kid, I used to sleep in the first floor in a room I shared with my sister. Right outside my window, was this huge maramalli (tree Jasmine). Often our entire room would be filled with the strong smell of the Jasmine. Then, I was not observant enough to appreciate it. My head was full of thoughts and I was too preoccupied to appreciate what I had. I used to look at the tree on days I couldn't fall asleep (I've been a chronic insomniac).

After I went to Pilani, I actually missed the tree. There was no reassuring presence outside my window. Like most empty nesters, my parents remodeled the house and my bedroom became part of an office space. I never got to wake up to the tree again.

When we bought our house, I planted bamboos in the backyard so that they'd grow and I'll get to see green whenever I wake up(my bedroom faces the backyard). The bamboos grew beautifully and they offer me a very calming view every single day.

My fantasy, however was to have creepers. I'd placed them by the front of the house, but last year there was a huge insect attack and I had to cut the creepers. Funnily, it would always grow towards my neighbors balcony, maybe because they used to clean it very often and the water from that drain motivated it to grow that way.

Three years after we've moved, finally, today I noticed this malli in full bloom outside my library window. I've not been using my work space in a long time, so when I sat down today, I was pleasantly surprised by the fragrance of one of my favorite flowers. This gives me hope for better days to come and reminds me of cycles that are never tired of repeating.

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