Thursday, March 31, 2016

Realizations with a war torn mouth

My mouth looks like a war zone. There are boils in most places and I have spent majority of the last three days feeling sorry for myself, making mewling noises (I have not been able to talk as there are boils in my tongue!! So instead of shouting when angry, i make noises hoping someone interprets them) and basically living in the bed - either sleeping or working ( I will go crazy if I do not work).

Anyway, this war torn mouth has made me realize a few things: 

1. Family endures and half the recovery is because of them. My mom is awesome. She just sat with me and continued working so I didnt get all cranky and as usual she refused to indulge my tantrums. 
2. Sometimes, even things which look tempting, are anything but. I was so tempted to have some rasam rice and palak paneer. But I had exactly three spoons and I couldnt eat any more. 
3. It is fun to have good friends who remember which specific delusion you are suffering from. Even if they find your theory about diseases weird, they listen to you, then ask you to shut up and go to a real Doctor. :)
4. It is ok to eat egg. I had to give in finally as this B12 deficiency has scared me. Three days of feeling helpless and tired is all I can handle. Boiled eggs? Bring it on!

Now that I have ranted in the blogspace about being sick, I can go back to whatever I was doing in peace.


The Visitor said...

Ah! You're having mouth ulcers ... you brought it on yourself, dear lady. Mouth ulcers are a clear indication of stress and lack of sleep. Both these are known to induce acidity (in the stomach) which in turn causes mouth ulcers, among other things. What you need to do is to sleep well and get enough rest. Not go about keeping late nights, doing too many things, thinking even more things, reading gore.

On the diet side, manaththakkali keerai is supposed to be the best cure for mouth ulcers - try that.

PS: My sympathies are with your care-givers (Sachin & your mom); it has been proved that caregivers have more stress than the recipients.

Take care.

Harini Padmanabhan said...

Sigh. This is supposed to have come from b12 deficiency. My neighbor has manathakkali in their kitchen garden. I'll go forage. Thank you. :)
P.S even my sympathies are with them.