Monday, March 14, 2016

The common thread

I am blessed with a lot of friends. People who have stuck with me through thick and thin (no mean task, I assure you, given how thick and how thin I have gotten over the years). The funny part is, every one of them is very different from the other. Be it their patience levels or their hobbies, how they view life and of course the usual age and gender - the list can go on. Not all of them get along with each other too.

Given my current state of constant contemplation, a few questions were stuck in my head like a splinter that would not go away. Why did some relationships last over the years? Especially with people who were so different from me? And why did some seemingly good ones sizzle out before the spark got a chance to propagate? These with ones who were supposedly a lot like me (in terms of background)

After a few days of thought, I realized irrespective of their differences,all my friends had a few things in common. The first one - was their wit. Their ability to laugh at themselves, the world in general and at life. They got my jokes. 

No matter what happened and how things were, they never lost it. 

The second thing, irrespective of their style of delivery - whether they did it diplomatically or without any sugar coating or with a deadpan expression, whether they did it emotionally or with a scientific mindset, they always called a spade a spade. 

Then, the third thing, whether they loved their job or hated it, they did justice to it. 

Finally, I think, just think, that I seem to have figured it out. I wont be surprised (given how my life has been going) if I make a discovery that will throw this hypothesis out the wind. Whether it is an exception or a rule is something that I will deal with on a case by case basis. 

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