Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The mist

Have you ever experienced the mist in the mountains? One minute everything is perfectly alright. The path is clear and your destination is visible. In a matter of seconds, you lose your sense of direction. Everything is the same, but still different. It seems far more pretty.  It makes you lose your senses and you are caught in something potentially lethal.

I react to the mist differently each time. Sometimes, if I'm walking, I embrace it. I'm not in any hurry and it ties in with my mood. If I'm in a vehicle, it scares me. The loss of control is not something I like or accept.

How do you go on as if nothing has changed when everything is so dramatically different? Do you just remember the path and try to stick to it? Or do you find a safe spot and pause there? Or do you realise that this is a completely different path and change your course?

Like so many seemingly simple but possibly complicated decisions, this one keeps playing with my head. I hate the mist as much as I love it's embrace.

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