Friday, March 25, 2016

The real you

I remember one trip to Guruvayoor very vividly. We were waiting in the queue for a long time and I couldn't help but notice this really irritated family standing right next to us. If you want to wait to see your version of God, have patience. Else don't even make an attempt.

The father had two grown kids and had a shock of black hair on his head. I couldn't see his face from where I stood. His youthful hair surprised me.

After a while, he turned towards us and I could see a chest of white hair. To me, he looked comical. Unable to accept his age or hide it completely.

It's funny how we do things to hide our age, our intentions and our attitude. But often reality strips us naked and all the masks fall away. What remains then, the real you, is not easy to hide from. What would you do then? Face it or hide again despite knowing the truth?

Maybe you are ready for the acceptance, but the rest of the world is not. Then whether you want it or not, the mask is permanently fixed on your face.

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