Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Why I dont drink

I have been questioned time and again, by friends and foes alike on my decision to not drink or smoke. It is not like I cannot afford the habit and given how progressive I am supposed to be, they are surprised by my decision to stay away from the bottle. Smoking is not something I think sensible people who want to smell good should consider. (Leave alone people kissing them. Yuck!) You want to look sexy, pose with a cigarette. Why do you want to kill your lungs you moron?!

Ok, that said, I am going back to the selected topic (inspired by my conversation with someone who wants to "introduce me to something he is passionate about"), I thought I would list 6 reasons I do not drink. 

1. It does not entice me. I am not very good at relaxing or sitting still. Putting my leg up and relaxing with a drink is not a vision that entices me. Eating an ice cream or reading a book or looking into the eyes of my dog, well those things do. 

2. All that sugar! Just the thought of pumping myself with so much sugar turns me off. This is the wannabe healthy me speaking. Since I already have sugar heavy indulgences, I don't have to add one more to it. 

3. I am mostly going to get bashed for this, but in my personal opinion, people who need to have a drink to hang out, are usually not that much fun without it. They shed their inhibitions only when the drink is around. Rather use the drink as an excuse. Otherwise, they are very boring conversationalists. I fall in love with words and the people that can utter sensible ones or atleast interesting ones. Usually, people who need a drink to converse or get over their inhibitions end up being extremely boring. Not my kind of interesting rather. 

4. I am high on life. Most of the time, I am really high on life. I love most things I do and go for it with a passion that often scares folks around me. So why should I drink for getting that high?

5. There are too many other poisons I have not gone through. So many things to eat, so many things to do. I dont have the time

6. Why should I? What am I going to get out of this exercise that something I am doing already wont give me? 

Perhaps my decision was driven by a bias I had. But thinking about it, if I question this bias, it questions an integral part of me that I am really not sure if I should. Because if I do, it is going to change a lot of things about my life which I might end up changing without a second thought if this and a few other biases are removed. Just because I can. 


The Visitor said...

Point 3 - agree; many people drink to shed their inhibitions.
Point 1 - perfectly valid to find it not enticing.
Point 2 - sugar? Does it really contain sugar? I am not sure about this point.
Point 4 - I am high on life. Lucky you.
Point 5 - Hmmm.
Point 6 - Why should I? good question. Why not? Particularly, if it is because of a bias.

Harini Padmanabhan said...

It can induce/worsen diabetes is what I was told. Since it was one more bullet in my arsenal, I did not contest the claim. :)