Monday, March 14, 2016

Wisdom from the stars

I wander around
In a self induced stupor
All known paths unfamiliar
Everything equally confusing

I look behind me for solace
It's just hazy outlines I see
Is that joy, sorrow, anger?
Or is that an illusion?
Something blocks my view of the past..
Is it a thin wall I built
Or is it a mist that he sent
To help me forget?
I can only wonder

Move forward I force myself
But my path is unclear
The fear builds up
Almost suffocating
I fall back on a hard ground
Looking up to search
In the persistent stars
Then I see them,
My constant companions
Through my last hardship
The hunter and his dog

A sliver of hope embraces me
In the grand scale,
I'm but a tiny dot
Significant to me
But insignificant enough to merit
A brand new start

I know I'll work for it every single day
Living each day
Just because I still want to
Just because I can
Just because that's how fighters are

I kiss the hunter
Thanking him for his wisdom and for the hope

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