Friday, April 15, 2016


Is home a place? Or is it an atmosphere?Sometimes, I am not really sure. There have been places where I have been instantly at home though they are nothing like where I have been before (the Precious paws shelter with the 50 odd dogs comes to my mind). Then, there are a few which I have disliked though they are very similar to where I usually live (houses of a few friends i have visited). 

Over a period of time, I don't really feel at home in places I even grew up in. Memories from a distant past tell me that this was something I used to love, but reality tells me that it is nowhere close(visiting a few relatives I used to love spending time with, but with whom I dont have much in common now). Most times, I can let my memories dictate what I ought to ideally do, but at others, it is really not possible. We seem to have outgrown each other. The affection is still there, but it is for the past, not the present.

I am currently evaluating something - since home is where my heart is, perhaps if i have an open mind, the whole world might feel like home. But then, can I really change the core of who I am and be comfortable in places that are not necessarily in line with my thinking? I dont know. I can only experiment. 


The Visitor said...

Honest and brilliant.

The Visitor said...

No, no, the brilliance is the honesty!

Harini Padmanabhan said...

Thank you! I am a little scared of being honest at times and I almost didnt publish this, but glad i did now. :)