Saturday, April 16, 2016

My love affair

I am addicted to Temple run. Rather the game is like my toxic lover. Either I can't stay away or I completely ignore it as I'm bored or I've accepted that the relationship is toxic.

This has been going on for a few years now. Installing and uninstalling it in my devices. I'm now in the completely smitten phase. Starting and ending my day with a few games.

The funny thing about the game is that you've a choice of characters you can buy and run with, but none of the characters have like a special power. All of them, keep running. They do a lot of things like collect coins, power ups, avoid dangers posed by fire, water etc, but they just keep running.

If I stopped them and asked, they won't know what they're running from (a big gorilla, but why is it chasing you? The source of conflict is outside the game) or where they're running towards.

Maybe they're like all of us. We look different, come to our personalities after different experiences, but our struggles and joys are similar.

I wonder at times if I'm also leading my life like the characters in the game. Enjoying the smaller challenges and running all the time.

Am I running from something or towards something? Or is it that everything is about just the joy in the act? I can only wonder and pick an answer that will suit my mood at that point in time. :)

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