Thursday, April 07, 2016


I remember a conversation I had with a friend a few years ago, like it was yesterday. I'm no longer in touch with the said person, but this is one of my pleasant memories of him. Our effortless conversations about anything under the sun.

Now, I had just gotten out of a very uncomfortable bus journey. You know the type where you are stuck in traffic for so long in a inter city bus, that in an effort to save fuel, they switch off the damn AC? This was a trip like that.

My friend called me to tell me that he was still obsessing over something he'd told me he'd gotten over. He felt empty without the obsession. It had become such an integral part of who he was, that without having something to think about, he was going crazy. The obsession was not something positive. I'd seen it destroy him as it was his adoration for something that could never be his. He still persisted because he loved it so. The emotion kept him going.

That day, though I was super irritated, or perhaps because I was, I realized something. You always long for what you cannot have. You don't notice what's right under your nose waiting for you to grab it with both hands and just own it. You look for that something that is so far away and is half the time out of your league due to some ridiculous inevitable reason. But we all need that one thing we cannot have.

Because in our attempts to reach for it, we discover and come to terms with parts of our personality we never knew we had. Ultimately, we might end up finding other things that were meant to be. But usually it's in the process of reaching for something else.

Being the optimist that I am, I feel that we end up getting what we seek, even if for a few seconds in a fantasy realm. A parallel universe is created when we really want something we cannot have in this realm. So let's give power to that alter ego of ours and continue to obsess.

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