Friday, April 08, 2016

The parking monster

I drove 1000 km in 24 hours. I can change a flat. Drive in any kind of road. But ask me to park in an mlcp and I'll not even start the car. I'm scared of parking the car. I've mentioned it time and again.

I also hate driving alone. So you'll usually see me car pooling with someone. I didn't even know where my company's parking was, though I've been working in this place for more than 6 months. Today, most companies, were off for ugadi. I however had a lot of things to finish so very reluctantly, I took the car to work.

All was well until I hit the campus. I had to go and find the parking. To the over imaginative me, it looked like a huge crocodile waiting to swallow me with the car, my sister had bought with her blood and sweat. I persisted and drove very slowly inside. Huge signs proclaimed that parking was at owners risk and that the management was in no way responsible.

Other victims had parked their car unaware that the owner's risk was entering and coming close to their vehicles. To cut a long story short, after what seemed like eternity, I managed to park in the MLCP.

I was so delighted. Evening, I took the car out without maiming an Audi and a BMW. I'm actually really happy right now. Small victories right?


The Visitor said...

Let me try to be profound, and errr, philosophic? - "Life is a collection of small victories".

Harini Padmanabhan said...

I like that line. :)