Sunday, April 10, 2016


You walk towards the golden stage
The beautiful red carpet laid out for you
All set to collect the prize
That is just yours
When you reach out,
The carpet is pulled right under your feet
Just in time, you lose your face
And your prize disappears magically..

You're climbing up a crazy peak
You reach the summit
Months of work, training and patience
Just as you take the last step,
An avalanche strikes and you fall down

What do you do?
Lie down and mope?
How long can you?
How much can you?
Perhaps until that's all there is left
The memory of what was
The hope, pride and joy,
Now a bitter after taste
Joy morphing into sorrow
That just cannot go away

You're much more than your disappointments
You're much more than your success
Keep moving forward
For nothing else makes sense
Keep hanging on
For hope is a beautiful thing..

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