Wednesday, April 27, 2016

What I see

We were in a beautiful part of the SFO called Crissy fields and the first thing I saw was a Labrador. He was running off leash, playing with the water, coming back and then going in again. There were so many other dogs around and they were all busy playing and having fun with the waves without fighting. This guy got my attention because he ran ask around the beach and was very friendly. Even without petting him, from just the way he circled me and ran back, he made me feel loved. He was so happy and in tune with the world around him.

I missed the two jokers then and wished that there was some way I could spend a lazy afternoon with them in a beach. Share my love for the waves with them. Sigh.

Labbie, wherever you are, thank you. For sometime, you reminded me that wherever I go, I'll always carry a piece of home with me and that all you need to have fun is an awesome attitude.


The Visitor said...

Lovely post!

How are the 2 jokers?
PS:Hmph - what a name you've given them.

Harini Padmanabhan said...

They are jokers. You should see them lying down now, one with her head on the pillow and the other waiting to run up and jump on the bed. :) They are doing quite well now that I am back.