Thursday, April 07, 2016

Why relationships are like ladders

I wrote this for a post on relationships at work..

People in a relationship, are like the two poles in a ladder. For ladder to be functional, the two poles making up a ladder should always be parallel to each other and at the same height. Not just that, the steps have to be spaced properly. There will be a lot of discomfort if the space is either too much or too little.

A ladder is such a common place thing, that we rarely ponder on how exact the measurements that go into making it should be. How useless it would be if some small measurement was miscalculated. Every relationship, no matter who you have it with, is like a ladder.

Both of you, have to be growing at the same rate with respect to that relationship. There has to be frequent communication that would serve as steps and help strengthen the relationship. Long periods of silence or over communication can play an equal part in the destruction of the delicate balance that is needed.

Often, we notice that our relationship with our friends has changed so much over the years. With a few of them, even if you run into them after a long time, you can have a conversation like time did not matter at all. These are those that have the same rate of growth as you. With majority, you cannot connect after a point in time. You either feel slighted or bored. These are the ones who have grown either much more or much lesser than you have.

How you choose to handle the situation is always up to you. But the thing to remember is, lack of balance can cause you to fall. Whether you make adjustments to retain balance or just let it go or keep going up before a steep fall, is up to you. When a balanced ladder is formed, there is always upward mobility not just for the two parties involved in the relationship, but also for anyone else relying on them.


The Visitor said...

A live, growing ladder - nice analogy to describe the dynamics of a relationship, where the two poles are the state of growth of the (2) persons in a relationship, and the rungs the relationship itself. The poles and the holes have to be matched in order for the rungs to be fitted without any strain

Harini Padmanabhan said...

I had a long discussion with a friend on this topic in Jan. Have been meaning to write about it for sometime. :)