Thursday, May 12, 2016

Castles in the sky

When I started working, I used to think that I could just build castles in the sky and as long as they had a strong foundation, they would not crumble. 
But recently, I have come to wonder that having a dream is just not enough. I need to know how the dream is going to happen. The devil is in the details and sometimes, he is not very forgiving or even interesting at the least.

So here is my confusion - should I build the castle and enjoy it for as long as I can because the act gives me joy and learn to cope when it crumbles? Or, should i sign a deal with the devil and go through the grind, even though it makes me unhappy because I can build something that will last?

Can I truly state that the first thing does not last? Are memories not as important as the stability? After a point, things which are stable become boring and become less important as you are so used to it being around. You start taking it for granted. Given that truth, aren't experiences and memories the only things that last?

I am just wondering if I should build castles in the sky or if I should be focused on getting down to the trenches.. 

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