Tuesday, May 10, 2016


It hit with me - a unexpected force, so powerful
That the heart was torn out effortlessly
Tiny pieces kept it clinging to the body
Hope, desire, dreams,a beautiful past
Not letting it severe completely
The pain as intense as the passion
Memories of better days battled
With a depressing present
Until finally a gentle wind broke all ties
And set fire to what remained.

I wanted to curse, I wanted to cry
As the fire consumed everything
and the ashes were all that was left
I embraced my mortality
And moved on to a different realm..

Before I could rest, I was pulled back
My maker watching over the fledgling
Taking shape from the very ashes

I thought I was a bird
But my rebirth reminded me
I'm a Phoenix
I'll rise again and again
Because I evolve, I survive, I never give up
I just move on..

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