Monday, May 09, 2016

Flowing river

I'm standing in the banks of a beautiful river. Serene would be the right word here. A zillion birds fly around and there's such an abundance of life. I'm a stranger to the region. I'm just passing by. A nomad who's left behind few things and is moving forward. The root less state helps in connecting with the world in general, because you've nowhere to compare with. Everything is as of this instant. People have told me time and again that everything is peaceful in nature.

But the alert ears of the deer and the constant watchfulness of a deceptively lazy Buffalo tell me otherwise. Survival is a battle. Everywhere. It just happens in different forms.

After a few minutes, I feel the land beneath my feet slip. I fall into the water and realize too late that I cannot swim. What do I do now? Trust my instinct and float or let go and drown? Will struggling too much actually kill me? Will I even be able to think so much when it happens?
I hope that when the land beneath my feet disappears, I've enough warning.

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