Sunday, May 08, 2016

What the heart wants

Think of something that took you years to build. You didn't even know you had dreamt of it until it finally took shape. In a way that was far beyond your wildest dreams. You were surprised that there was so much beyond your realm of imagination. You were delighted, flying without wings.

Then you keep building on top of it. You try to create something more. But here's the thing. You start missing all that's familiar. Things which the earlier you was comfortable with. Even though there is some kind of perfection in life, you miss the imperfections. Then you wonder what was it you had actually wanted.

Can something better actually not be as important as something good? Can you long for something that is theoretically worse?
The heart wants what the heart wants. So is it perhaps true that some dreams are better off in a realm of impossibility even if they are possible?

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