Friday, June 17, 2016

A scene that involves jars

During one of my frequently occurring writers blocks, I subscribed to a Daily Prompt by a writer. Funnily, I never got down to writing about the things she sent, though post that, I started writing. Today, a random email sent last year popped up in my inbox and it said, write a scene about jars. When I heard the word jars, the first thing that surprisingly came to my mind was jars of bottled up emotions that are stacked right next to each other in the cabins of our heart. It is funny when you think about all the contradictory emotions bottled up and stored right next to each other. 

Right next to unbridled joy, there is unrequitted love. In a way both connected, for if you truly love something, it is not about it being returned, it is about continuing to enjoy that emotion. Its only when you try to possess something that things go crazy. You can love and enjoy a beach and remember the emotion every time you feel down. That way, what you love is always with you, though not necessarily physically. It is a beautiful amalgamation of emotion, experience and memory. My friend once told me that though things didnt work out with his girl friend, he would never trade that time for anything else as it taught him a lot and brought out a different aspect of his personality. Plus, he remembers the good things as those were all that mattered. He has definitely moved on and I really admire him for that. 

There, right next to unbearable sorrow, lies eternal hope. When things don't go the way they ought to, it is easy to give up and drown in what is seemingly unbearable. But the truth is, this is just a blip. Life is yet to begin. I chant this every single day. I dont know which philosophical school this should belong to, but it is a beautiful thought. That every single day, you have the ability to go create a life for yourself that is far beyond your imagination. Once I realize that i have atleast 4 decades of living left, a few weeks or months or even years of decisions don't seem all that big. Of course they influence a few future decisions, but not all. I love to think that what I cannot see is so beautiful and so beyond anything imaginable. I try to remember that every time the glimpses I have are bleak. 

There, right next to uncontrollable anger lies a jar with a unlimited ability to love and express. Whenever I am angry with life and everything else, I close my eyes and imagine shouting at Zoya. How she would look at me with that love in her eyes, reminds me that as much as there is anger, loss and hatred in the world, there is love to be found at every corner. My recent experience with the 8 strays in my area have taught me that. I get enough kisses and licks every single day from them. 

So there are my jars. Perhaps not traditional. But definitely as real as anything can get. 

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