Saturday, June 11, 2016

Not a goodbye

I'm all set,
With a heavy heart
To do what's right
To do what I ought to
Bid you a goodbye
That's silent
For you don't even know
My intent

Every step further away
Bringing you closer
For the heart holds on too tight
To the precious memory
Of all that was

I revisit my life
Realizing how beautiful
You made it seem
I pause to accept my life
And That you are a part of it
That it's incomplete without you
That I might try all I want
But I'd only get a pause
Never a goodbye

For the fates have other plans
I rush back
And hold you tight
Refusing to let go
You now,
The memory of us together later

You're all I'd ever need
I'm all you'd ever seek
I promise to hold you close
And make your day
Every single day

(inspired by a post I read about a guy changing his mind about abandoning his dog)

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