Friday, June 17, 2016

The fun in unpredictability

I recently changed my phone and since my hard disk was somewhere inaccessible, my usual songs are missing from my phone. I work better when I listen to  music as it helps drown out all the distraction. (I remember listening to music when I study. I used to top the class so I was not trying to fool anyone then. :)) 

So my solace has been youtube. (Lets not talk about the state of my data plan) and it has been such a refreshing change. There is something about letting random selection take its course that's so much fun.I have listened to so many songs - new and old. Of course the first song which starts the day is something I have listened to earlier. I have recently discovered this band called "Train". They have some lovely songs. Then, there are these really random Tamil songs I listen to. 

I don't like listening to RJ's rant so that rules out the way most people get to know about new songs - FM and this is my way of finding new music and getting lost in a world that is like mine but still different.

There is something nice in unpredictability. And I am hoping that if I start liking it in something like this, then maybe, I can finally learn to truly take each day as it comes (I claim I do but sometimes I wonder if I really do and while some people call me impulsive, others claim I am a control freak, perhaps its a perspective. Long rant on that later. :D)

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