Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Yesterday, I went to Kolkatta for a day trip from work to visit a college. I was so happy in the few hours I spent there. There is something very pleasant about a learning institution. The possibilities seem limitless when you look at the students. When I was a student, despite my apprehensions, I always felt I could be anyone, do anything I wanted (Though quite a few people did not agree with this point of mine) It was the invincibility of youth. 

I had traveled alone and I had quite a long time to think on the way back. Somewhere along the way, the student in me, who believed in limitless possibilities, got distracted by life. I like to think that I am an untiring optimist with a dash of cynicism that helps in self preservation. 

When things have turned tough (my own making, no one to blame) I have stopped believing in the magic that is life. Those instances, I feel old at times and that is just ridiculous given the best years of my life are still ahead. The feeling and the attitude that comes from that emotion can be addressed if I proactively go ahead and confront it, but I am scared of addressing it, for fear that I might not like the answers I get out of the confrontation. 

It would be easier if I could accept defeat and go hide my head in the sand like an ostrich, but given that the best is yet to come, (I am young and I will be for every single day for the rest of my life) I have decided that every single thing I do, should be at making my life better and my emotions healthier. I decide to be a lifelong student of life (cliche line!) and not let go of the belief that everything is a life lesson and should be dealt with so and not as a failure or a success. 

When you interact with a lot of positive emotions, it does rub off on you. Yesterday, definitely has. 

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