Friday, July 29, 2016


I have a very strong belief. That every single thing, is connected in ways, well beyond the human imagination. This belief helps me when I am stuck in difficult situations. I try to see how some learning from that point in time might help me in the future. Over a period of time, this has helped me become less judgmental (I didnt say non judgmental. I cant truly be that way) and helped me see other's perspectives and accept my own and live with my decisions.

The last week has been very special to me, as I realized once again, how a million tiny decision I have taken, have brought me to this place and time. I am seeing a lot of things very clearly now. I don't think I can regret anything, because, even things I thought were late realizations, were not truly late, because if they had not happened when they happened, i would not be where I am now. Where I am, is beautiful and so unique in a way. My path, is just mine alone and there are those that join me for a bit. I have to accept that paths might intersect, but finding one that has the people I want to be with, is not always easy. 

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