Sunday, July 10, 2016

Just let us be

This is going to sound like a rant. It's in fact a frequent one that I've tried not to let into my blog too often.
To quite a few folks not part of this IT generation, we look like aliens from another planet. We earn a lot, spend our time in frivolous things, insist on picking our spouses one way or the other. We either have a love marriage or have a set of conditions even in a traditional arranged marriage set up. We've friends in the opposite gender and we go on trips to far flung places. We do things in a few years what earlier took a life time to achieve.

I know we're limited in a few ways, but we're all trying really hard to find our way. It's not easy because though we seem free, we are still influenced by the thoughts of a previous generation, the society in general and the world view. We feel the lens of the world on us, watching us through a microscope. The omniscient social media doesn't make things any easier. We're being judged by our own generation too to top it. Or so we think, ignoring the fact that everyone is stuck in their own problems.

We face the same pressures, we have the same heartaches. A few try to be detached but quite a lot struggle with it everyday. In more ways than one, we are lost and trying to find our way out. Let us be. Don't make things difficult for us by asking us what our plans are.
Don't talk about the millions someone from an IIT you read about in a paper is earning. Don't talk about the big houses. Don't talk about our irresponsible lifestyle where we spend on frivolous things and shop so often. Please don't talk about marriage. You've no idea about the heartache we might have experienced. Don't talk about children. You don't know how many of us want one or don't want one or are going through treatment that's not working. We're not ready to open our hearts to everyone. You don't understand or trust us, so how do you think we'll open ourselves up?
Just let us be. Not all those who wander are lost and all that glitters is definitely not gold. Somewhere inside those huge houses and swanky cars are people trying really hard and defining new boundaries. Just let us be. That's all we ask of you.


Sun Ray said...

If my conscience could blog, then this would have been it. Good one. 'Just let us be' could someday become a tag line such as 'Just do it'.

Harini Padmanabhan said...

Thank you. I wanted to get it out. So why doesn't your conscience blog?

Sun Ray said...

Am not that fluent with words like you are. My thoughts gush out in a word here or a sentence there rather than in coherent paragraphs like yours.

Harini Padmanabhan said...

:) I cant stop talking/writing. That said, sometimes a few sentences are far more powerful than paragraphs.

Sowmy Haasini said...

Spot on. Just let us be, whoever you are, how much ever close you are to us, just let us be. You never know what we are through. None of the generations have seen what we are seeing. Let us be. Love this post!

Harini Padmanabhan said...

I guess everyone has seen things we've not experienced, but just because things seem convenient now, doesn't mean it's easy.