Monday, July 04, 2016

Tarzan's Jane

"Every Superman has his Louis Lane,
Every Tarzan his Jane,
and I have you.."

A decade ago, I chanced upon these lines in a diary of a friend. I did not know who Jane was then(I haven't read Tarzan as a kid, so sue me). I did find out later and last Friday, I got to see a very gutsy Jane in the silver screen. Tarzan was a visual treat and I loved the movie, just because of the heroine. So rather than a typical review, i thought I would write about Tarzan's Jane, who stole a piece of my heart. 

For the first time, I liked a female lead in a predominantly male super hero movie (Black Widow in Avengers is a character I love, but she is not the female lead). In the scene where she sits on top of a tree, mad because Tarzan refuses to take her to Africa, she looks so vulnerable and gorgeous. Contrast that with the scene where she is tied to the boat by the villain and she actually smiles when she sees a butterfly and refuses to be scared by the villain's threats. I fell in love when she jumped into the water from the boat to escape her captors and releases her friend who is held in a cage over the water. Her dinner conversation with her captor deserves a special mention as that is the best example of wit and the fighting spirit of a woman who refuses to be kept tied down.

I am really glad that there are women with a functioning brain being portrayed in movies. It sends out the strong message that while the woman might love being romanced and cared for, she can also take care of herself and hold her ground like Jane in this movie. 

She still had some screaming to do, but she had balls and was amazing. I wished then, that the few lines from that forgotten diary had been meant for me. :)

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