Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The global village

This Sunday, I had the awesome opportunity to go to the railway museum in Sacramento. They display the entire history of the California rail road and show how the railway lines helped make the country more prosperous.

Often, I think that the one thing, that truly helps people evolve and prosper, is having access to the rest of the world around them. It was through a rail road or highways earlier and now through the internet.

Imagine how wonderful a farmer must have felt when his produce reached the market, in one tenth the time it would have normally taken?.

I'm sure the rich and famous got to see all the beautiful sights in their life time which they would have had to struggle a lot harder to reach.
This generation is luckier because with cheaper air fare, we are now sitting in different corners of the world and watching it go by. I marvel at how much we've learnt over the years(and how much we haven't still) and how in my lifetime, so many things I didn't even dream about, have become everyday occurrences. It's such an exciting time to be alive and I'm glad to live in a global village.

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