Monday, September 12, 2016

Spreading panic

I guess most of us are aware of the unrest happening all around Bangalore thanks to the Cauvery water issue. I am not really qualified to comment about the row so I will refrain from doing that. 

What irks me is how much of a panic is constantly spread by Whatsapp, Facebook and of course our own media. They sensationalize things so much that you end up thinking that the world is going up in flames. There is definitely unrest, but more than the unrest, there is panic, there is fear and there is unnecessary bias that gets spread thanks to self righteous, supposedly aware people. 

In this world where everyone is married to their devices and blindly trust the messages they get and pass it around, it is so easy to spread fear and panic and mass hysteria. I just received the picture of a headless man who supposedly died trying to save his TN registered lorry from protesters. The incident happened near my office. I am definitely going to have nightmares today. What is the need to share such messages through Whatsapp groups? How does that help the situation? Why are we all so glad to forward unnecessary information around? A TV channel reported imposition of 144 even before the police knew about it. How can media be so careless? Why are we so happy to spread fear? How can I change this? Am I always going to be helpless? Is running away from this place the only solution? 

Lastly, why do we call goons who burn buses and beat up people as Tamils or Kannadigas? They are not. They are goons. They do not represent us and never will. 

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