Friday, October 28, 2016


Should you know despair to know hope?
Should you know pain to know pleasure?
Should you know love to know neglect?
Should you know anger to know calm? 
Are the opposites needed for meaning?
Or are things just as they are?

I knew black independent of the white,
But the blackness more obvious
as the whiteness was when both were known..
Is it that simple then? 
The intensity of everything, much more
when the contrast comes to play..

The emotion no less valuable, 
Just a lot keener, a lot stronger
with the contrast to lend value..

You rise from the depths,
The pleasure of the high - longer!
You fall from a height,
The fall - just harder

Love,just is
Pleasure,just is
Hope, just is
and Calm, just is..

But it also is not..

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