Thursday, October 27, 2016

Setting the world on fire

I thought I was setting the world on fire,
I forgot I was the center of my world
I burn this instant, by myself and bright
My vanity happy at the light, despite the pain,
The darkness around clears, but at what cost, I wonder?

Did I set myself free? 
Or did I imprison myself in a burnt out husk?
I burn bright this instant,unable to extinguish,
Powerless to change the course I have set in motion..

Too late to turn back, too late to hide- 
the bright light a dead give away, 
No longer the dark, my friend to surround me..
No longer the dark, my companion to protect me,

Unwittingly, I called upon his foe
Oh, why did i tempt fate so?

There is destruction - unseen, unimagined
My limited mind, having never perceived
the extent of the damage..

I reach out, then withdraw,
Destruction is sought not,
Even by the abnormal..
For there is just damage in the wake..
Was rebirth just another delusion?
Was I better off, hiding?
Should I have picked a delusion - with better chances of survival?
Could I have?

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