Thursday, October 20, 2016

What is normal?

A couple of days ago, at a work dinner, we were talking about Ramanujam who had such brilliant ideas that he revolutionized the world of math as we knew it then. We progressed to speak about painters, artists and other people who had ideas, people who we call genius. 

I began to wonder - what if there were a lot more out there, these geniuses, who just never expressed them in the right place at the right time? What if they were locked away and considered insane, instead of being applauded for their genius? I mean, someone who questions the norm is either too smart or too crazy at times.

What is sanity anyway? Isn't it an over rated figment of our imagination? What is normal? What was normal once is no longer normal now. We struggle to fit in, to stand out, to move on, to reach out, in short, we keep struggling as we think about some semblance of normalcy, that we aspire towards.

What if you had no ways and means of knowing anything else but what you do? What if truly revolutionary ideas are accepted without being questioned too much? Rather, what if they are debated without being judged? What if things can exist together as much as they cannot? What if we make peace with all the what ifs and acknowledge that nothing can ever be normal the same way nothing can ever be unique? Would life become simpler or more complicated? And aren't simple and complicated just mere ideas?

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