Thursday, November 10, 2016

Meaningless Middle

If there is nowhere else to be,
Why isnt here good enough?
If there is nothing else to do,
Why isnt this all that can be?
If there is nobody else to hold,
Why am I not enough?
The questions surround me
I run away from the question marks
that are intent on a game of tag..

I look into the mirror,
the tired eyes of a stranger staring back
I know not this person, our paths don't align
but our paths are the same
I dread this optionless existence
I am too tired to dream
I am too tired to sleep
I am too tired to even exist

But exist I must, for the end is never an end
it is just another endless beginning
Nothing ends and nothing ever begins..
There is just the meaningless middle
left to ponder a beginning that never was
and an end that never would be..

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