Thursday, November 10, 2016

Messenger from Hell

You're the messenger from hell,
My personal angel of death
You're all the sins personified,
You're all that's wrong
And you're still all that's right

Wordlessly, you tempt me with your mere existence..
Helpless, consciously, gladly, I succumb

If this is hell,i forsake heaven,
For without you, heaven hath no charm
And with you, hell is full of an unsettled calm

You're my missing piece,
One sent to make me mould myself,
One sent to make me see the world beyond
One sent to remind me, that constants, are over rated..
That change is the true ruler, now and forever

We will change, but i pray we change together,
Two individuals, as distinct as they are the same,
As lost as they are enlightened
As confused as they are clear..
If this was not meant to be,
Nothing else can be..

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