Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Another old poem

The walls close around me as I stand on an open ground..
The colors blur and everything turns to various shades of red and grey
One for the loss and the other for the invested minutes dead,
Both irreconcilable and both unredeemable
The present fights a losing battle with the past 
Soon zombies, with squelching eyeballs and rotting flesh cloud my vision,
Digging themselves out of shallow, half baked graves..

I supress the vomit no more and let it flood right out, 
Only to watch my guts wash away the miseries of today..
The never ending deluge from deep within flows, and there's born a new river of filth.
The streets empty, swept away, the crownless flies crowd to celebrate the birth,
Of a brand new kingdom!
All that was buried, never truly dead, pouring out, to find a new home,
Killing an unfortunate, unknowing host..

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