Thursday, December 29, 2016

No place like home

There is no place like home..
Even if no place is home

Where do I feel the most at home? It is not a single place usually. It is anywhere where I can be who I want to be as of that moment. That is the final conclusion I have come to about this word. 

As another year draws to a close and I introspect, I come to conclude that where I feel at home has changed considerably the last year. I abandoned the house we built with so much love and honestly, I feel nothing much now. It was just another shell, that hosted the soul that was my home. I feel at home in airports, in places I have never been to before, when I am with those I love, when I am alone, when I am with strangers. I feel more at home with myself as I have actually gotten to know myself better, accept my flaw and look for my improvements. 

Thank you 2016 - for reminding me there is no place like home, and home is where I am at home. :)

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