Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Time of the year

It is that time of the year again, when I am not sure if I should be happy or sad. Happy that i had a great vacation or sad that it is over. Over too soon. 

I wonder, why is it that we seek vacations out so much? If we are really happy with the lives we have set for ourselves, why do we need to seek a break? Perhaps, the breaks are over rated. Perhaps, we need to find joy everyday instead of looking for those small cracks or windows of opportunity, that will take us closer to a Facebook wall full of likes. I read somewhere that when somebody likes your picture, the high you get is similar to what you would when you smoke. Though I love the attention, i am scared of flaunting too much of my personal life online. So I post maybe once a month and comment once or twice a week on things. 

Every time I come back from vacation, I find new things I want to do. Maybe, that is why we need vacations. To give us time to introspect, because nothing else can give us that time. I have been so caught up with my life that i have not been writing my diary or updating my blog in quite sometime. Busy living it so i don't have to document the life. From today, I am getting back to doing that. Take a few minutes out to rehash and relive. Not the everyday nuisances, but the things which stood out. I believe, i don't need to sit in an exotic locale for something to stand out. Hopefully, that belief will sustain me till the next vacation and also help me find out if there is something else out there I ought to be doing. 

I love traveling and I love my job. I just wish I can sit in exotic locations and work. That way I get to do the two things I love together. 


Sun Ray said...

Any interest in becoming a travel blogger? What do you do for regular work if I may ask? During a vacation, every thing in regular life looks so small.. & puny like how earth looks from the space.. it gives some perspective to the real importance of things in life. Hope you had a great year.. & wish you a better one.

Harini Padmanabhan said...

Yes! I'd love that. Been thinking about that and a photography blog. I'm an analyst. 😁 I love numbers.