Thursday, July 20, 2017

My evening dose of joy

A beautiful view this evening..

My phone has been acting up quite a bit.. Love the photographs I can click still..

An Ode to a Stale Upma

I remember that smile
The one that lit up your face,
A face half illuminated
Unfortunately, unforgettable.

I look for it in the recesses of my brain
and search as I might, I remember the smile,
I remember your joy,
But nothing else..

Like the taste of a year old delicacy,
Your thought haunts me today.

Delicious yet stale,
Nourishing yet poisonous
Complete yet sans closure.

The mists of time, I curse them
and I embrace them
Neither act of any use.

You disappear, but you never go away.
I do not forget, but neither can I ever forgive.
I can just mourn what was.
I can just savor, the stolen moments
before I catch up with myself
and pull me away from hopeless day dreams.


The lady i fell for in March, did come from France. Here she is standing in the Luxembourg gardens, majestic and confident.

Eye of the beholder

I love gardening. Used to have a garden in the house i lived in and really sat in the cool grass and wondered about life. Not too long ago. I miss that garden at times.

This flower shop in an unknown corner of the world, brought a smile to my face. The possibilities and what I can maybe do some day in the not so distant future, make me happy and hopeful.

Location - Paris

Le Nouvel Homme

Well, obviously I loved looking at this poster. I couldn't resist clicking a picture, though it has not obviously come out too well. :)

I remember cursing photographs a few days back and I think I have to take that back now. :)

Location Paris, Grand Lafayette

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Conquering the skies

Another nook in Paris. A flying horse and a man with aspirations to conquer the sky. I would like a flying horse. I think it will be fun. An invisible one, so i dont have to worry about it being seen. 

Sound of music

Palais Garnier - Napoleon's contribution to the Paris landscape. It was said that there was a lot of resistance when the building was built and later the Parisians fell in love with it. :)

I loved this statue on top of the building. The way he was looking down at me with that serene look on his face. Looking at some pictures, takes me back and makes me wish for a change in place.

Who are you?

I saw a similar statue at the Getty Center, the place I actually fell in love with art. I was quite surprised to see the exact same statue outside the Louvre as well. Who is this woman? I have no clue at all! I tried searching for this image online but I did not have enough luck.

I love her poise and I love her attitude. I wish I could pull off a balancing act like that!

Canine Love

The fact that I am absolutely crazy about dogs is quite well known. :)

In Paris, we made friends with this doggie in this cafe. He was quite friendly and kept waiting under our table for scraps and for belly rubs. Three dog crazy women were his heaven I guess.

Place de la Concorde

I forgot who this was. There is a square in Paris called Place de la Concorde. It has a slightly gory history, but you can see a very different angle of the Eiffel tower from here. I dont know who this lady is that I captured, but i loved the skies and the view of the Eiffel tower from this spot. This was my first glimpse of this monument and for that reason, it is very close to my heart. 


We did a couple of walking tours in Paris. We had an amazing guide and he took us to this corner and asked us to stand in a certain spot and observe the building. What seemed liked random streaks of paint became a very beautiful shape when viewed from a certain angle.

Given the crazy state of mind I am in now, I feel this was a message. Perspective can completely change what we are looking at. Whether we want to accept it or not. :)

If you are ever in Paris, check out discover walking tours. It is a very nice way to discover the city. 


A beautiful view of Paris from the top of the Eiffel tower. Right there is the Arc De Triomph.. A friend told me this looks like India Gate, well.. :) 

Saturday, July 15, 2017

The famous trip

I decided to spend my 30th birthday in Paris, the city of my dreams. I really loved the experience. I picked up the best photos from the trip today (ones i looked awesome in) and I am hoping to make a scrap book filled with those pics tomorrow.

One of the pictures that will definitely go in it - this image of Drama (I guess I can call it a sculpture) that is on the outer wall of the Palais Garnier (named for the architect who built it). I liked the one on poetry and dance as well, but drama is my favorite, for the emotions in the face of the lady and for the guide who explained it to me, so beautifully. Paris, mon amour!

Friday, July 14, 2017

Flying without wings

I spent last Saturday night making a scrap book (Of all things to do on a Saturday, but then I am not someone who enjoys going out on Saturdays). On the very first page of the book, I put up this picture I had taken in Feb this year. The picture taken on the very day I jumped off a plane (it wasn't really a plane, but creative license and all that)

Its funny how I enjoyed doing something so cliche. This picture has become symbolic to me for a lot of reasons. Experiences I never thought I would have, which coincided with times that changed me as a person. Oh blue sky, how I loved you and how I really badly want to do it all over again!


Saw this one in melkote. What a poser!!


I have made a few lifestyle changes in the last few months. One, I never thought I would make, even a year ago. Life has funny plans for all of us and while at a certain point, everything seems transient and annoying, you realize, hindsight is definitely 20/20. I have also come to accept that the fear of something is any day far worse than the thing itself. Probably because I have an active imagination and a lot of time in my hands. 

I look at all those things that are familiar today and I realize that they were unfamiliar and even unknown sometime ago. Fear of the unknown does control me to some extent. But then, the known is itself unfamiliar sometimes and then, I wonder, isn't the unknown at least new? 

Yesterday, I did something that is scaring the hell out of me. I am not ready to talk about it in a public forum yet, but the more i think of the cocoon of familiarity i am letting go of, the braver I am becoming. A friend told me, life becomes about failure only if you look at it as a report card. If you look at it as a giant experience, it becomes about the beautiful experiences you go through and the lessons you learn - from the seemingly unpleasant ones and what you find out about yourself. I am no longer fully familiar with this beast called Harini. :) Getting reacquainted now. 


Sometimes, you get what you want after some time of wanting it. But then, there is this bittersweet feeling when you get your hands on it. it is like giving away clothes you wore - you know its not the right fit any more, but you remember the good times. Not when it did not fit and was causing you a lot of discomfort. You remember that dinner you went to and looked gorgeous in.

Photographs don't make it any easier. You look at a pic and it is a composed version of your life. What you want others to see and what you want to remember. Not what was. The places the fabric tore into your skin will never show up in a picture. I wish technology can evolve and capture the mood of people as well in a photograph. I would be eternally grateful.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Curious watchers

I stay in a high rise now. Look at how Zoya tries to peep out and watch the world go by.. :)

Monday, July 10, 2017

Ruling the world

My new steed. I am hoping I exercise more often and cycle around where i live. People have told me it is too girly for me. But I wanted this cycle as I loved the basket and how comfortable it is. 

Monet in my backyard

I go for a walk every evening in this lake near my place. Yesterday, since I was planning on coming back home late, I went for a walk in the morning. The lotus, which is usually closed then, was open and looked so beautiful I could understand why Monet kept painting his garden.

Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Bee in a beehive

An overview of so many lives from the vantage point of a temple.. Melkote on a Saturday noon - beautiful!

Monday, July 03, 2017

Korangu Kaila Poomala

I went to Melkote on a spur of the moment trip. Look who greeted me when i entered the temple.

Happily eating flowers. I have never seen one eating flowers so unconcernedly. Prayerful fun. Jai Human!

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Message from the clouds

It seemed ominous. The clouds gathering near a temple ages old, as i saw it for the first time. Beauty, just for me.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017


In a world of could have beens
I reside
Hopes and desires,
Of all that would never be,
My lovely companions.
Created, nurtured and loved,
Despite the pointlessness of it all..

I madly rush,
From one dream to another,
Checklist in hand
As the clock ticks
An unforgiving countdown.

The strings of a heart are tugged,
A heart ripped apart,
The tugs, not pleasant,
Just hopelessly painful
Unfortunately, not numb enough.

Just a single poke from a pin,
The bubbles disappear
All that's left,
Are all that can never be.

In a land of desires,
Heart wrenching in their joy
I reside,
The queen, of my Castle
A castle of hopeless hope.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Facing my fears

One of the lesser known facts about me - well hidden for quite sometime, I am petrified of heights. I had blamed apartments for their tiny beehive like appearance. Until, I found a place on the eighteenth floor. I fell in love with the view and I keep taking pictures of it like Monet. :) I feel like a bee in a beehive and it is a good feeling. (Of course in my head I am assuming I am the queen)

I have been here for a few months now and I have been enjoying it quite a bit. 

Another sky view

I was looking at my older pictures and I came across this one shot on my phone in Twin Peaks San Francisco in April'16. I love the sun in his glory. Always.. I think I did post it in my blog in April last year too. But today, this reminds me of a day when a person with a different set of dreams was looking up at the sky. 

I give up

I am not someone that gives up easily. A friend told me that I like to take the bull by its horns and beat it into submission. This bull, I am unable to beat into submission as she has decided, she needs my recliner. Well, I share my throne, when i am not using it. I am not unreasonable. :) 

Monday, June 19, 2017

Tomb Raider, Anyone?

A picture I clicked at Ta Prohm, Cambodia. Man can never win against nature. No matter how majestic his creations are. I salute the spirit of this tree that has found a way to thrive in stone. 

The unexpected Canopy

One of the pictures I waited to capture. Taken near one of the lesser known temples in Cambodia (even I don't remember the name now). December'16. Photograph title inspired by a friends comment. 

Safe Crossing

This was one of the first pics I took in a trip intended to just click pictures. I loved the mountains and the fact that the boat (or is it a yatch) is so close to the aircraft. I imagined myself to be the lady sitting at the helm of course.

SFO, Fleet week, October 2016

Throwback 90s

I loved this game as a child. I never could get enough of it in the first place and even now, I wish I can just sit and play for hours, though i dont have the right device for it. My princess, I cannot save you now.. But then, you need to learn to save yourself too. 

Friday, June 16, 2017

Remains of the day

The phone, perhaps knows me best
Muted notifications,
Meant to symbolize, 
a lack of importance
Glaringly calling out, 
the spot light, everyday.

The fingerprint sensor, intimately aware
Of the pressure points
As I unlock the screen,
Hoping for that one word..

Why does it drive me so today?
A single word,
Affirmative, hopeful,
The first step maybe..
In a future, full of seen complications

Like a child hoping to test the danger sign
The flame that burns bright,
I move
Not a child for I recognize trouble
But the hope overwhelms and wins.

Words that are never understood
Uncomprehended, despite their simplicity
Float by
I still wait, for the affirmation..

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The queen with the throne

My new throne. I shall rule the world from this. Every day. Two loyal subjects are large enough to begin with. :) 

Lit up

You have got to love evenings like this. When the sun is putting on a fireworks show just for you. 

Falling in love

I still remember, the first time I saw you..
The first time I saw you, for who you were,
Not for what you had been.

The first time I saw you, for who you could be
and who you really are..

I still remember!

There was no fanfare, no thunder
And the fireworks, 
Well, they were missing too.
But i knew, 
As of that instant, you were the ideal.

The unattainable, the unconscious
Definitely, the uninterested,
but still, the perfect ideal.

I am awake while I dream,
I am cocooned by beauty. 
Falling in love, with a world,
Made pretty, by mere observation. 

Even if, especially even if,
the object of attention rests in the limelight,
blissfully unaware, 
deep in the sleep of the insomniacs.

The dramatic part of me,
wants you to wake up,
swing your arms and ride up to me
on a white steed..

A million times already, you have
each time more perfect than the last.
Those day dreams, I am glad I had. 

Sometimes, well, quite often, 
I hear them loud and clear,
The whispers of the cynic - 
"Aware, uninterested"

The realist, shrugs,smiles and thanks her stars.
For this intense emotion.

Love, or perhaps, just the possibility it opens up.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Forever, a work in progress

I guess I'd rather be,
The incomplete portrait
The one the artist tries to capture
All the nuances of,
Analysing it, losing himself in the subject,
Only to never find, what it actually is.
I'd rather be the discarded canvas,
Complicated and loved,
But not captured.

If I could be anything,
Why should I be something?
I'm the artist,
A sculptor perhaps,
Have I not the finesse for a careful painter
The canvas, seems way too smooth,
Limiting perhaps, underwhelming..

I'd rather be the massive sculpture,
The sculptor and the sculpture
The unassuming one, meant to be a tiny part
Of a majestic mountain,
The sculpture that just is,
The mountain, as much as it is, the miniscule stone.

Indescribable, indestructible,
For every tiny piece is but the art
Each one crafted carefully,
After all those careless words, thoughtless deeds ..
That which I can never change
That which I perhaps, want not to,
For the sculptor, loves the sculpture,
For what it is, what it could be
And not for what it could have been.

Set free

In an uncertain world,
You're my cocoon of certainty.
I close my eyes and call you forth
The hell that breaks lose in my head, disappears.

I seek not adventure
It seems to find me effortlessly.
I seek not order,
All these years, I've known nothing else.
I seek not calm,
For what is it, but a temporary pause
In life's turmoil that will always be the norm?

I seek that voice of reason,
Fearless, loving and firm,
The deep voice that can make me pause,
No matter how wild the build up within my head is.

I seek that voice, which every cell in my body,
Immediately responds to,
Like a truant dog, stopped in it's tracks,
By it's true Lord.

The Oasis of calm, my darling,
That's how I see you.
The calm beneath which,
I fantasize, strong emotions lay hidden.
The calm beneath which, is another layer of calm,
I hear you argue.

Perhaps, I'm saner thinking, you are just a mirage,
For you know not, what you mean to me.

Words, are effortlessly, meaningless
And you buy them not anyway.

You seek nothing,
While I know not what I seek.
You are the stringless kite,
In love with the skies,
Completely unaware of your leonine majesty.
Completely unaware of how you rule the skies.
Completely unaware of your commanding presence.

I was pulled by invisible strings,
The ones you've freed me from,
Cutting it all away
As you sweep the trajectory,
That's just yours.

I know not what this is.
I work every single day,
To run away
To hide and to pretend.
Lest you understand and disappear.

Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Ice sculptures

What is it that i see?
There, right in the corner
Just about to disappear
A vision, almost one rather..

The image builds up in my head
layer upon layer upon layer..
What is it that I see?
I marvel at my imagination
The depth of it.
The level of detail and the perfection of it.

The more I give it shape,
the scarier it becomes.

How do I draw the line,
between what I see and what it is?
Could that,  that can be seen, ever really be,
what it was meant to be?

The creator, no longer able to control,
the creation.

The creator, realizing too late
that fears can dictate
and sculpt an impeccable three dimensional figure,
The nuances, incomprehensible in a 2D world.


The sky - no matter how many times I see this, I can't help but crave it more. Such shades, such beauty, so much joy in the world. 

I hoped her fascination with this toy would end, but doesn't seem like it is going to happen. Nor is she letting go of my bed. Sigh.

All roads

All roads, feel the same. Even if they look different. I remember how hungry I was when I took this picture and this Indian restaurant we found that had really wonderful samosa. Great Indian food in Cambodia. 

Cambodia diaries

The plan of a place that stunned me.. Inside a palace in Phnom Penh. 

Beauty from my balcony

I love the view from my balcony. Sometimes I wonder if I should become like Monet and capture the same view again and again. 

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Hopefully, frozen for eternity

An unknown corner of Cambodia. What did they have in mind when they built these people?

Cambodia is a country I loved because despite the level of torture they have undergone, they are happy and cheerful. 

A seat on the table

Apparently this was Ted Roosevelt's favorite place. 

Mac Arthur Burney Waterfalls, October'16:

Streams of consciousness

In a lesser known part of the world, there lies a stream. A very beautiful stream.

Lassen National Park - October'16. I need to go there sometime soon when it is not covered with snow and see the craters i missed seeing last time. Or maybe, it is ok that i saw just what i did, because it was beautiful by its own right. Fare thee well. :)

Mon canapé - mon amour

I have been listening to this song quite a few times today..

Inspired by this, i did write something..

I lie back, to rest my eyes
seeking a solace, i claim i don't need.

Its not the arms of a lover that hold me close,
but the comforting warmth of a sofa,
just vacated by a tired dog.

I seek your broad chest,
a futile attempt -
but a constant dream
Easier, replacing you with the straight back,
of a reliable, known cushion..

Sans complications, this simple piece of furniture -
that I fall back on, exhausted,
unable to  move - a limb.

Without fatigue, my faithful companion,
it is shadows that surround..
Shadows in which i seek you,
Shadows which play with me
Embrace me,
Their embrace, as solid
as the dreams I harbor.

Exhaustion - I prefer much more -
than restful dreams,
for hope, is not something I want to harbor..

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Everyday beauty

I saw this rainbow while walking my dogs this evening. I was lucky enough to be greeted with this vision.
Laika and Zoya are staring into eternity. I find peace when i see the world through their eyes. Love you mom, for giving me this piece of joy every day and for helping me become better, no matter how impossible the task.

Top slip - an unforgettable safari

I know what I am and I love being what I am.. the prettiest bird around.

The deer's antlers, the hidden and the obvious - they call out to me.

I love his tail.

Sethumadai - a small piece of heaven

The hut is in focus, my attempt at conveying this message, "The woman is but the background - her life a constant battle to put the roof over her head".

Quirky Cochin

God is an artist.. As an engineer aspiring to be an artist, I pray to the biggest artist of all...

Colors, colors, colors everywhere..

Batman Rocks

Anyone who tries to argue with my dark knight love, sorry.. I am posting a few pics from the warner brothers studio. I was lucky enough to view 75 years of batman and literally fly in fantasy..