Friday, January 27, 2017


I don't believe in coincidences. Rather, I believe everything in life is connected in ways I cannot even fathom. I have no other explanation for a lot of things I have experienced. Life is like a growing jigsaw puzzle. At times when I see only the red, I think it must be part of a beautiful flower that is just getting painted in the canvas of my life. A blood red rose, that comes from a place of pain, but the rose cannot look as good in any other shade. (Yes, I have been told I am quite dramatic)

So at a time when I feel like cursing life for something, I just tell myself that I am going to thank the way things happened a few days/weeks/months or at least years later. I originally wanted to start this post as an intent to rant about Fate and the pointlessness of trying to fight it. But as I started writing it, I realized I have enough opportunities to thank fate for and I have done a lot of things to invite certain types of situations, which lead me to a fate I might not have liked much. :) So, I am the master of my fate. I have reasons to be happy with it and for now, that, is more than enough. 

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