Thursday, January 26, 2017

Intent and Capability

We all have those dreams that we have killed and buried. Some of them are perhaps zombies, that will keep rising because they are not ready to go away. Some of them are more than happy to die, rather than lead a half baked existence. Some, try and finally go away. Whether it is personal or professional, ignoring the role of time, which is the easiest excuse we all make, I think there are two other things that play a role in us realizing those dreams.One is intent, the other is capability. (Provided you are able to dream, which is a different conversation)

Let me take a personal example first. We are all capable of love. That is one of the most basic emotions we experience from the moment we open our eyes to see the world. (Unless you are a sociopath or a psychopath I think) But if the object of our affection cannot share that, thanks to the lack of intent, love will not find a place. Rather, mutual love will not find a place in our lives. Excuses only will. "Time was not right", "He was too far away", "We wanted different things". If you want to, you will make it work. Lack of intent.

At work, I have observed people give their IQ as an excuse for not being able to perform. Again, a question of intent vs. capability.I am someone that strongly believes that given enough time and persistence one can pick up anything. The sky is the limit. When people draw boxes around themselves and then refuse to get out of it, I see failure and the endless battle between intent and capability. 

My strength till now, has been in seeing the capability in people. Until recently, I ignored the role of intent. Once I have experienced that, I can't help but wonder. How much more can we accomplish if those that were capable had the right intent and those that had the intent worked harder on their capability?

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