Friday, January 27, 2017


I walk every evening with a friend. A few weeks ago, she told me that I was very restless in general. I did not get what she meant by that. Then she tried to explain it to me. She asked me, if I could sit for sometime, doing nothing. Just sit.

I wasn't sure why I should do that. Do nothing. Or even if I could, because when I tried to think of a time that I had done nothing, I could not think of one.

She is not like Master Shifu, she was not trying to teach me about inner peace. She was just asking a question about how I interact with life. After the weeks when I have thought about it on and off, I have come to accept that I can't do nothing. I have to do something.

Whether that something is thinking or working or talking or just watching the world. Is there a deep philosophical point I am missing here by always doing something? I don't know. But I know that I am happy doing the somethings and even when I am sad because of something, I find a way to cope. So maybe, this is my peace. My cocoon of somethings. Perhaps, someday, I will find a cocoon of nothing, or perhaps I won't. It might be another new interesting experience. 

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