Saturday, January 14, 2017

What you mean to me

To me, you will always be who you are
Why should you be anything else?
Why should you be something more,
Or something less for that matter?
Why should it matter that you would never be mine?
Why should it matter that perhaps, someday you would?

Isn't possession nine tenth the law?
You possess the key to read my emotions..
But, you own me not.
As I own you not.
You are me and I am you,
but we are both ourselves 
and can never be anything else. 

You are all that I sought,
but you are nothing I wanted.
You are all that I need,
but you are everything that will be denied.

I still crave and I still love.
For what you are,
can never change in my head,
despite what you might become.

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