Saturday, February 25, 2017

A Cambodian Sunset

This, was in Cambodia.. An unknown temple in the middle of nowhere. It was quite forsaken, not really sought after like Angkor Wat or Ta Prohm. But there, in the place i least expected, I saw this beautiful sight and I had to capture it. To remember it today with a fond smile.

Another unforgettable sunset. Sunsets remind me that somethings are but a cycle. 

What seems like an end,
is but a beginning
A beginning that would lead,
to an inevitable end..

Is it the ride that I should look out for?
Is it the beginning, that is meant to be sought?
Is it the end thats meant to be forgotten?

What do i do, but watch sunsets,
and go to bed, leaving it to science
and in a way to hope, 
to ensure i have a sunrise to wake up to,
Until one day, I wouldn't. 

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