Wednesday, February 01, 2017

A cynical romantic

What am I, but an intruder?
A peeping Tom, living vicariously
watching the beautiful scene unfold..
Moments of intimacy and joy
so obvious
so unattainable
I see not the faces, the sun has not risen as yet
In my dream, I continue to watch spellbound
Is this even possible?
Is this even real?

I feel the magic in the air..
Too scared am I, to pinch myself
For then, reality would come walking right in
and as much as I love it, I want it not.

Then I see the light
The face, so similar to mine,
Yet so different
Did I look into a crystal ball?
Did I look into the realm of the unfulfilled?

I know not.

I try to decipher the feeling in my gut.
Is it regret?
Is it joy at the glimpse?
Is it loss?
I just have unanswered questions
and I continue to look
long after the vision fades away..

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