Saturday, February 18, 2017

Accidental love

I walked by you the first time..
My senses were fully occupied elsewhere
I noticed you not - 
You were inconsequential as of that instant.

I walked all around,
Searching for that one thing,
that could compliment me
Make me look gorgeous,
for a dinner that would never be.

The unswiped card in a coach bag,
longed to be used!
Has not emotions virtual money...
Lie I will not, At least to myself. 
I longed to use the black and gold card,
nestled happily, confident of its importance to me.
Again, emotions to the emotionless
Objects or people, 
The effort is but futile.

It was me all along,
Hoping that the magical swipe
will open the gateway to eternal happiness!

Reluctant to leave without the prize,
I sought a consolation...
"Brand new design" - the young girl chirped,
The hope in her eyes, mirroring the one in my heart
For all that could be.
The scales, seemingly different,
But the emotion - just the same..
Perhaps, that made me pause.

I saw you then.
Completely assymetrical
Did you want to be short or long?
How did that length come to be?
How was there no symmetry between both sides?
Still, there was something about you
Knowing not, what it was,
I took you home.

I look at you now, 
I remember not what I wanted then, 
I know not what I want now..
But, I marvel at your beauty
and as you adorn me, 
I sit back, staring at the stars with a glass of wine,
Accidental love for a confused dress

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